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SOLD Transport offers comprehensive moving and transportation services and assists with financial planning for your move.

Our commitment is to ensure your move is seamless by providing services tailored to your needs.

  • All loading and unloading
  • Furniture breakdown and reassembly
  • Hardware pickups and delivery

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    Terms and Conditions

    1. A valid form of the requestor's ID is required upon confirmation of the move.
    2. Verification of the inventory at the designated pick-up location, as the number of items transported may fluctuate based on this confirmation.
    3. The duration allocated for your move is a maximum of 2 hours, which commences upon arrival at the pick-up site. The clock will pause upon securing the load and resume when arrived at the delivery location. It will conclude once the unloading is finished. If your move exceeds the 2-hour limit, a fee of $75 per every 30 minutes or part thereof would be applied. To avoid any delays with your move, you must ensure the inventory is prepared for pick-up at the scheduled time and that both pick-up and delivery locations are easily accessible.
    4. If the pick-up or delivery locations comprise of staircases or large items, the involvement of two or more loaders might be required.
    5. Additional time may be required if your move involves: long walks, narrow stairs, furniture disassembly, bad weather conditions, etc.
    6. SOLD Caribbean shall not be held liable for damage to any items of inferior quality, such as chipboard, fragile items that are improperly packaged by the client, or items not unloaded by SOLD Caribbeans loaders.

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